Coloring & Activity Calendar Winners

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Coloring & Activity 2017 Calendar Winners

March:  #BowerMediaKidsMarch17

We went DIGITAL!  Now you can download your copy of the Coloring Pages each month right here on the website, or grab a copy from us at an event.

Congratulations to Charlie G. from Gardnerville, NV who is kicking off the 2017 group of new Axial RC Car owners.  She is a bit shy and doesn’t like her picture taken, hopefully we will see her smile with the RC Car!

Charlie Garrison Chris March Coloring copy

Coloring & Activity 2016 Calendar Winners

January:  #BowerMediaKidsJan

Congratulations to Jaxon C. from Wellington, CO who is kicking off the 2016 group of new Axial RC Car owners!  Jaxon did an awesome job coloring, and a reminder to all, that this is a random drawing contest.  Everyone can play with us!

Jaxon C January Winner

February:  #BowerMediaKidsFeb

Congratulations to Jackson W. from Carbondale, CO who did an awesome job on his coloring.  Hey, it was worth it for the Axial RC Car.  Coming from a offroad and King of the Hammers racing family, he knew exactly how to draw in the cars.  Great Job!

Jackson W Feb Winner1

March:  #BowerMediaKidsMar

Congratulations to Kaleb, Taylor and Korbin L. from Boulder, Wyoming who all have their own calendars and color in each month.  The kid’s dad is a Ultra4 racer who picked up the calendars at the King of the Hammers and after returning home with only one, reached out to get one for each!

KidsCal March Wickham


June:  #BowerMediaKidsJune

Congratulations to Matthew N. from Albuquerque, NM who has a some fun with his coloring skills.  He really wants the Jeep Cherokee Axial car, but we will see what happens!

KidsCal June Matthew


July:  #BowerMediaKidsJuly

Congratulations to Hunter H. from Zanesville, OH.  He got the calendar when visiting the Ultimate Off Road Expo in Kentucky.  He loves to go mud running in jacked up trucks and their RZR.

KidsCal July Hunter


August:  #BowerMediaKidsAug

Congratulations to Riley W. from Carbondale, CO.  He just woke up, but wanted to show off his recent masterpiece.  A drawing of the GenRight Polaris RZR and his Polaris RZR!  Love it!

KidsCal Aug Riley


September:  #BowerMediaKidsSept

Congratulations to London J from Loma, CO who has been drawing every month since the beginning of the Axial Giveaway contest!  We love seeing her drawings, and now will love to see her smiling face when she opens her new RC Car.  Way to never give up London!

KidsCal Sept London


November:  #BowerMediaKidsNov

Congratulations to Dereck M. from Phoenix, Arizona.  When we reached out to them about winning the Axial RC Car, they were in Parker, AZ enjoying the trails!  Everyday on the trail is a great day!

KidsCal Nov Mell


December:  #BowerMediaKidsDec

Congratulations to Roslyn G from Reno, NV.  Her and her sister break out their crayons each month to get their coloring on!  Great job!

KidsCal Dec Roslyn


Coloring & Activity 2015 Calendar Winners

January:  #BowerMediaKidsJan

Congratulations to Ella S.!  Your brother is going to be mighty jealous of your new Axial RC Car that is coming your way!  She got the Bower Media Kids & Activity Calendar from their CRAWL Magazine​ Subscription!

Sara Snider Jan Winner wm  Charlene Bower January Winner



February:  #BowerMediaKidsFeb

Congratulations to Annabelle L.!!  Annabelle will be turning 3 next week according to her Uncle Kyle who posted the photo on his Instagram account.  When Annabelle visits she likes to “paint her tuck”.

Annabelle L Kyle Wells Feb Winner ps         Annabelle Kyle Wells Feb



March:  #BowerMediaKidsMarch

Congratulations to Avery P.  She was so excited, she has been talking about it for a month!  We love that she is in the passenger seat of a Jeep, ready to go wheeling!

Avery P March Winner Geri Hunt


April:  #BowerMediaKidsApril

Congratulations to 5 year-old Austin C. from Durango, CO.  His mom submitted the entry through Twitter after receiving the calendar via CRAWL Magazine.  Looks like Austin loves the red rocks of Moab!

Austin C April Winner



May:  #BowerMediaKidsMay

Congratulations to Jack M. from South Carolina on winning the May Axial RC Car!  His mom said, “He loves watching the RC’s and he spent hours in the tent at Bantam!”  Well, now you have one of your own Jack!!

Jack Morrison May Winner Trista wm


June:   #BowerMediaKidsJune

Congratulations to Allison A. who picked up a Bower Media Kids Calendar at the Bantam Jeep Festival in PA.

Allison A June bower media calendar Winner


July:   #BowerMediaKidsJuly

Congratulations to 13 year old Alec B. from Sacramento, CA.  He recently got the coloring calendar at the Prairie City Ultra4 race.  He is extremely excited, and his Mom who submitted the picture is just as excited, “This helps him stay out of trouble and learn how to build trucks too!!  What a blessing, thank you!”

There was an extra entry given to all the kids that filled in the three questions at the bottom.  We really enjoyed reading them all!!  This is what Alec had to say:

Q: Where do you like to off-road? Why?
A: At the Rubicon because it has hard places. Sometimes at Prairie City.

Q: What was your favorite trip? Why?
A: My favorite was probably a 3 day trip because we went with our Jeep Club.

Q: What do you like better: Rocks, Sand, Dirt or Mud?
A: I like rocks better because you can get more flex and our jeep is made for rocks.

Alec B Audrey July winner



August:  #BowerMediaKidsAug

Congratulations to J.C. from Albuquerque, NM who is the August winner of the Axial RC Car.  Joe and his sons were in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari this year.  James Graves from iDeal Offroad led them on Fins and Things and reached out to the kids giving them each a calendar.   J.C. and his brother have been consistently playing since.  Great to see an Axial RC Car heading into their house.  Awesome!!

JC Nickerson August Winner



September:    #BowerMediaKidsSept

Congratulations to Ethan W. from Quincy, Michigan who won September’s Kids Coloring random draw and will receive a Axial RC Car!  His Dad, Tyler, works for BDS Suspension and Fox Racing so racing is in his blood!

Ethan Willison Sept Winner


October:   #BowerMediaKidsOct

Daniel S. (dad) joined us in Moab for the BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels and Poison Spyder Trail Day with his dad Ralph.  As part of the packages of goodies they received was a Kids Coloring and Activities calendar that has become a fun project in their family since.  Hailey (Skeleton), Sierra (Banana) and Aurora (Vampire) got the best trick-or-treat goodie of the year…a new Axial RC Car after posting up this pic!  Daniel added: “The girls are going to be very excited when I tell them they have a new toy to play with while dad is working on his Jeep.”

Sorenson October Winner


November:    #BowerMediaKidsNov

Persistence Pays Off!! James and his sister Mariah have been entering the contest every month – and excitedly James F. from Roseville, CA was the random draw for the November Axial Racing RC Car!! Hope he will let Mariah have a couple drives 🙂

James F November Winner

December:    #BowerMediaKidsDec

Eli T from Fort Worth, TX has been entering the coloring contest for a while now, and again persistence paid off for Eli as he is the December owner of a brand new Axial RC Car!  If you look closely at his drawing, you can see he did an excellent job at tracing the Yukon Polar Bear outline!

Eli T Dec Winner