2013 Calendar

2013 Bower Media Calendar  2013 Bower Media Calendar

This was our very first calendar that was printed as a Limited Edition.  If you have one, you have history in your hands.  Thank you for supporting the cause and allowing us to continue to produce them year after year!


<Month of Cause>
Month of Cause:  Each month a color of vehicle is picked to be highlighted and with that color a cause is talked about.
Website:  www.monthofcause.org


Bower Motorsports Media 125x125

Bower Motorsports Media:  Bower Motorsports Media, established in 2009, is a PR firm that writes the press releases, takes pictures, produces videos, tracks race teams, promotes events, is interactive in social media and is very successful at executing at events.  Bower Motorsports Media works for Companies, Event Promoters and Racers to make sure that sponsorship packages are maximized and that as many people as possible know about your successes.  The team specializes in the offroad market, but has expanded into many different categories.
Website:  bowermedia.com  Facebook:  www.facebook.com/BowerMedia

im Not Just a Girl 125x125

I’m Not Just A Girl:  I’m Not Just a Girl is a Clothing, Jewelry and Bling line of products produced by Bower Motorsports Media.
Website:  imnotjustagirl.com  Facebook:  www.facebook.com/imnotjustagirl1


Race Team Store 125x125

Race Team Store:  The Race Team Store was developed with the goal of helping Race Teams, Event Series, Companies and Charities sell their merchandise to the public without the hassle of shipping and the high costs of a online store.

Website:  www.raceteamstore.com  Facebook:  www.facebook.com/RaceTeamStore


Offroad Swag Club 125x125

Offroad Shirt & Swag Club:  Offroad Shirt & Swag Club is a Subscription T-Shirt Service. Become a member, and by the end of every month you will receive an authentic T-Shirt from the Race Team Store featuring a Racer, Company or Event Series.
Website:  shirtswagclub.com 


Im Not Just a Girl Club 125x125

I’m Not Just A Girl Club:  I’m Not Just a Girl Club is a Subscription Shirt and Gift Service. Become a member, and by the end of every other month you will receive an authentic Shirt and Gift.
Website:  www.imnotjustagirlclub.com


Bower Media School of Professional marketing 125x125

Bower Media School Of Professional Marketing:  Classes designed to help others learn marketing tools that Charlene Bower has been researching and proving for multiple years.
Website:  bowermediamarketingschool.com